The Icelandic Police


Windows productivity apps

The Icelandic Police may service a small population, but with Windows apps they have become close to the citizens and now offer customer service at a completely new level. Windows apps in the field has empowered the police force, who is now able to increase productivity, saving up to 8,000 hours per year. And a ‘Police in your pocket’-app brings the people close to the police, making it easy for them to report incidents and call for assistance.

The Icelandic Police is a great case example of taking mobile computing to a whole new level, where innovation, transforming business processes and user interactions come together making new things possible – from a simple mobile solution to the Internet of Things.


Bluefragments developed and designed a Windows app for the police to use in the field.


With a method of rapid development the process it is a first step adding digital transformation for the Icelandic Police.


Another app was developed for people to use when contacting the police. It gives instant reporting of incidents.

See it in action

The app provides the police access to all necessary information on the go. With a design optimized for easy access while in the car both night and day. A tablet easy detachable makes it easy for citizens to view information and improves daily communication with the citizens.

“The Commissioner of the Icelandic Police would like to thank the team from Bluefragments that participated in the development of the mobile police solution. The method of rapid development and direct cooperation with our in-house developer was an eye opener for us that are more accustom to long procurement and long development cycles of public sector projects.”

Jónas Ingi Pétursson
Director of Finance & IT, Icelandic Police