The important

In Bluefragments we work with you. With your team and with your ideas. Our team understands your business needs and the requirements needed to fulfill to get there, And in the end we know that behind every success, every business result, every stunning app, every happy customer and employee — there is people.

We have a relentless and uncompromising focus on design and usability. That is how we combine complexity with simplicity. Making sure that your business is supported in the most intuitive manner in front of your people.

The basics

Bluefragments specializes in enterprise solutions combining innovation, processes and technology, based in Copenhagen, we encompass 20 employees with more than 100 solutions and 20K people using our code every day.

Our clients spans most sectors: Entertainment businesses with streaming video on demand, financial businesses with strict focus on security, government institutions with highly confidential citizen data, consulting companies with need to digitize and streamline process and manufacturing companies integrating IoT and mobility into R&D.