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IDC article about Bluefragments approach to IoT:

“Mobile app startup, Bluefragments has entered the IoT market by simplifying solutions and allowing companies and organizations to try out IoT in real life to better understand the potential benefits.”

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IDC on Bluefragments’ approach to IoT

The Internet of Things Kickstarter – a recipe for SmartCity

How do you create a SmartCity with a vibrant, innovative movement of SmartLeaders and SmartCitizens where technology is part of their daily life? How do you manage SmartCity initiatives and keep costs down, while harvesting the benefits in a world where everything will be connected through different clouds, devices and vendor solutions? The Internet of Things Kickstarter from Bluefragments helps you do that.

Denmark may be a small country, but it’s a country of big ideas. Many mayors see the potential of using Internet of Things to create a SmartCity where technology plays a big part in getting safe surroundings and connecting people. The challenge is that they often look to big cities for inspiration, but don’t have the manpower or financial resources to make the vision a reality.

Bluefragments has developed a recipe for embarking on a successful SmartCity – The Internet of Things Kickstarter. The Kickstarter helps cities and businesses, which may not be advanced in IoT but wants to get started, to embark on a movement where technological solutions and tangible results are essential. It consists of three steps:

SmartCity Vision

Creating a compelling SmartCity vision with input from the mayor, politicians, businesses and the people, who live and work in the city. Using communications to increase awareness and secure budgets for making the SmartCity a reality.

Cloud Platform

Using a cloud platform as the Internet of Things engine and core technology, connecting the dots from different devices, sensors, platforms and vendor solutions – and works as the engine to draw intelligence from.

Technology Solutions

Turning the vision into action through technology solutions, which are linked to real life challenges in a very concrete and understandable way regardless of whether you are tech-savvy or not.

The IoT Kickstarter has helped the cities of Vallensbaek and the Icelandic police force get started with IoT – and get results that benefit the citizens.

Icelandic Police: from Windows productivity app to the Internet of Things

The Icelandic Police may service a small population, but with Windows apps they have become close to the citizens and now offer customer service at a completely new level. Windows apps in the field has empowered the police force, who is now able to increase productivity, saving up to 8,000 hours per year. And a ‘Police in your pocket’-app brings the people close to the police, making it easy for them to report incidents and call for assistance. 

The Icelandic Police is a great case example of taking mobile computing to a whole new level, where innovation, transforming business processes and user interactions come together making new things possible – from a simple mobile solution to the Internet of Things.

“The Commissioner of the Icelandic Police would like to thank the team from Bluefragments that participated in the development of the mobile police solution. The method of rapid development and direct cooperation with our in-house developer was an eye opener for us that are more accustom to long procurement and long development cycles of public sector projects.”

Jónas Ingi Pétursson

Director of Finance & IT, Icelandic Police

SmartCity Vallensbaek – a mayor with a compelling vision

The municipality of Vallensbaek, located just outside Copenhagen, is a great example of how to start a SmartCity movement using the Kickstarter. The mayor has a vision of making technology an enabler for an attractive and safe city with SmartLeaders and SmartCitizens.

Bluefragments has helped Vallensbaek create the SmartCity vision, which is based on interviews with politicians, businesses, elderly, youngsters, families and public entities, and therefore recognizable to everyone living and working there. It includes specific examples of how the SmartCity will happen and provided Vallensbaek with a catalogue of 50 SmartCity ideas.

A tangible outcome is a three-year agreement to help Vallensbaek get the schools among the top 25 in Denmark. Indoor climate is essential to reaching this goal, so Bluefragments has placed sensors in the schools, which collects data available through dashboards. This gives an overview of the climate situation and where to make adjustments. Teachers as well as students are involved in the project, and follows the results.

Bluefragments and Microsoft has also established a new tech lab, which is a platform for new ideas in Vallensbaek and for making technology a natural part of people’s lives. The mayor, Henrik Rasmussen, talks about the SmartCity vision at conferences and advices others to embark on the same journey.

”Our society is going through a transition, and it is my duty as mayor to ensure that we exploit digital options to create the best possible surroundings and community for the citizens of Vallensbaek. The foundation is a compelling vision with political support, action and new collaborations to make the vision a reality, so the citizens experience better quality of life and a stronger sense of safety and convenience in their daily lives through the right technology solutions.”

Henrik Rasmussen

Mayor, Vallensbæk Kommune

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