COWI FieldNotes App


COWI FieldNotes App

Enables COWI inspectors to save photos, project drawings, maps and notes on the go. The app compiles this information and generates automatic reporting on the COWI project site.  In an iterative process, the app designed and developed by Bluefragments In close collaboration with COWI.

The COWI FieldNotes App has won a Gold award in the 2017 Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards.


Through intensive workshops with users and decision makers the scope and  features of the app was decided.


The app enables the user to swiftly collect photos, maps and notes during a field inspection.


Field notes are automatically stored and the app connects to the project site. Reports are then generated automatically.


The app is a first step in the digital transformation at COWI. It simplifies and approves work across different business units and moves COWI forward with mobile vision.

Gold Award 2017

The FieldNotes app has won a Gold Award in the 2017 Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards in the “Business, mobile and frontline solutions” category.

A few comments from the judges:

“Really cool and innovative use of mobile technology. I love how all the notes are compiled automatically into a document format.” 

A lovely example of exactly what mobile should be used for! A carefully thought-through implementation that matches the reality of field staff. Clearly helps staff get work done. Good integration with the back-end team space, and the auto-built Word document is a stroke of genius!”

See it in action

At the largest Danish bridge, the Storebælt Bridge, the app is used for inspection of the gigantic pillars of the bridge. Hanging from a wire the inspector can make observations using photos and notes.

“I COWI har vi ambitiøse målsætninger om den digitale transformation. Vi ønsker at teknologi bidrager til indsigt, kvalitet, simplificering og en bedre arbejdsdag for COWI medarbejdere i hele verden. Vores første større mobile app, FieldNotes, går derfor på tværs af forretningsenheder og er vores første konkrete skridt i at realisere version 2 af vores mobile dagsorden.

Bluefragments håndterede hele processen, fra forretningsforståelsen til løsningsdesign og udvikling af selve løsningen.Og vi er meget tilfredse. Projektet kørte i henhold til plan og budget til trods for flere parter og en god portion kompleksitet. Det betyder at vi nu er i gang med den globale udrulning.

Jesper Lauridsen 
Senior IT Solution Architect, Mobile Applications,  COWI A/S